God's Ways Vs. God's Acts

He made known his ways unto Moses, his acts unto the children of Israel.
— Psalm 103:7


Moses was the man who delivered his nation from slavery. He experienced the supernatural power of God. He was God’s right-hand man but it came at a cost. The people of Israel were bystanders of what was happening but only one man came into the presence of Almighty God. The Israelites knew God’s wonderful acts but Moses knew God’s ways.

If you’re in ministry or an owner of a business, knowing God’s ways will be the ultimate factor in your success. When the world seems like it's coming against you, knowing God’s ways will help you part the waters. When there’s scarcity, knowing God’s ways will make you draw water from a rock. 

The majority of believers will know God’s acts, very few will come to know His ways. God will make His ways known to you once you decide to surrender your all to Him. Moses wasn’t twiddling his thumbs waiting for God to intervene in their affairs. Moses sought the Lord. He spent 40 days and nights with no food or water pleading for his nation. He spent time with God. God was no afterthought. God wasn’t something he committed to on Sundays and Wednesdays, He was what sustained Moses. 

We must seek the Lord in everything we do. We must put Him first in every single aspect of our lives. People will think you’re crazy. Your family will try to talk you out of your devotion and commitment to God. Get ready for comments like, “Do you do anything outside of church?” or “All you do is talk about God!” Don’t pay any attention to that, instead, keep pressing in. When God begins to show you how to do things in your business or ministry that bring unprecedented success, they’ll know where it came from!

There will never again be a day where you don't know what to do. There will never again be a better last year. There will never again be stagnancy or loss. God will begin to show you the way to unending success! In Jesus name!