The biggest mistake or the best decision of your life!

He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.
— Proverbs 18:22

The greatest decision a person can make is the decision to follow Christ. After that, it’s marriage. If you’ve already been married, God can help you through it. If you haven’t, please read on.

We travel a whole lot and I’ve noticed on the highways the ample warning signs of road construction. There will be bright orange signs ten miles before you get to the actual construction site saying, “Major delays”, “Slow down” or even “Choose a new route.” Those same warning signs are evident in the relationship you’re currently in. 

Don’t ignore the signs!

One of the benefits of giving your life to Jesus is the life He brings to your spirit. What was once dead is now alive through the power of salvation. That spirit that’s within you is now your access to God’s approval. If you ever feel an unsettling feeling in your gut, don’t ignore that sign! God won’t withhold anything good from you (Psalm 84:11). He’ll let you know all you have to do is ask! 

Are you willing to let go of the butterflies in your stomach and ask Him? Are you willing to forget all the plans you’ve made without God’s consent? Are you at ease if God says NO? 

Besides having a check in your spirit, here are three things that should be major warning signs in your relationship.


  1. You're unequally yoked. If your boo boo hasn't given their heart to the Lord, run. How can darkness mix in with light (2 Cor. 6:14)? It can’t! It doesn't end there folks! If one of you is more committed to the house and things of God than the other, avoid the headache! Very rarely does someone change after they get married, especially if you’re an older couple. Their ways have been set and their priorities have been made. If those priorities are consistently crashing against yours, WARNING! Don’t wish for the best, take action now!

  2. They aren't going in your direction. If you feel called to the ministry and the other person is staunchly against it, WARNING. If the future looks like a fork in the road and each of you is taking opposite exits, those roads won't meet somewhere along the way. Marriage is two roads that merge into one. There’s no greater marriage than one that's dedicated to work in tandem. One can put a thousand and two can put ten thousand to flight! (Deut. 32:30)

  3. The people that love you don't think she/he’s the one. If those you look up to and admire (in the faith) tell you to reconsider, do it!! Take time to listen to those ever subtle comments your parents or family say. Take heed to the words spoken by more than two people who know you well. Are you afraid to ask your pastors or close friends and family about what they think? Then you already know the answer.


I’ve been married for ten years and I’m no expert on marriage by any means. What I can say is, these last ten years seem like a blink of an eye. We’ve never once thought about divorce. We’ve never once thought about giving up. I’ve never once regretted marrying Jonathan. They have been the best years of my life. They’ve also been the easiest! That’s a God ordained thing, we were made for each other!