Work Out!

For physical training is of some value, but godliness (spiritual training) is of value in everything and in every way, since it holds promise for the present life and for the life to come.
— 1 Timothy 5:8 AMP

I have never run a marathon. Do you know why I have never run one? Because with the physical shape I'm in right now, there would be a high probability I wouldn't make it to mile six. I know my limitations physically, we all do. Those same "limitations" can be said of our spiritual life. 

People will seldom go to church and keep a minimal prayer life (by minimal, I mean none). Reading their Bible is something that happens on Easter and Christmas. Then, when the storms of life arise they have the audacity to blame God for their woes. 

I never understood how anyone could blame a God they don't have a relationship with. The same people who make a small effort in knowing who God is are the experts who know God's motives when an attack comes. God is not the one to blame. Your ignorance of His Word is what should be blamed. 

The Bible tells us that every good and perfect gift comes our Father in heaven (James 1:17)! We could also come to the conclusion, that everything that's bad and perverted comes from the devil. 

In order for you to work in the miraculous and live a life that's full of victory, you must work out! Read the Bible every day. Put His Word ever before you. Listen to it and dwell on it day and night. Having a relationship with God cannot be something you do every now and again. When you do this, you'll begin to strengthen your spirit man. When you build that spirit man up, no demon in hell can take you off course or snuff you out. Bulk that spirit man up! 

Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above; it comes down from the Father of lights [the Creator and Sustainer of the heavens], in whom there is no variation [no rising or setting] or shadow [a]cast by His turning [for He is perfect and never changes]. -James 1:17