Day 13 - My Child Will Be Mighty!


Today we pray for our children. If you have multiple children, make sure to take the time to call them out and pray for them individually. Take this time to bless them and their future. The blessing that comes from your mouth is real and tangible so make sure you're not vague. 


Their children will be mighty in the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed.
— Psalm 112:2

Prayer & Confession:

“Father I thank you for my child today. Thank you for giving me this eternal being. I ask you to bless them today. Let their life be used to glorify you. Let them hate sin. May they draw closer and closer to you each and every day. Let them love your Word and obey it. I pray that every wicked plan of the devil would be frustrated over their life. Let every relationship and friendship sent by hell to take them out be burned up! Make them the head and never the tail, above and NEVER beneath. Give them wisdom beyond their years. Give them spiritual discernment beyond their years. Maximize their capacity for learning. Thank you for making them healthy. You said in your Word that our children would be mighty and a blessing to this generation. In making them a powerful blessing, thank you for expelling every sickness and disease. Thank you for making their minds sharp and creative. Thank you for making my child a supernatural success! In Jesus mighty Name!”


Do Something:

If they're married or not, pray for their spouses and future children. It’s never too early! Church should never be an option for those that live with you! Make them go to church whenever you’re there. Sports, education, and extracurricular activities take a BACK SEAT TO THE HOUSE OF GOD, ALWAYS. If you want successful Godly children, the emphasis must NEVER be things outside of God and church! If you lay a good Godly foundation, they will succeed.