Day 21 - Thank You God!

And just like that this journey is over! You made it to day 21! GREAT JOB! Some of you have already seen a manifestation of breakthrough, some of you haven’t. Whatever the outcome, you’ve done some serious damage to the kingdom of hell. So what do you now? 

Fast MORE! From now until the end of this year, schedule another fast or two or three. You don’t have to do another 21 days but keep this as part of your lifestyle! There is POWER in prayer and fasting! Keep that flesh under your spirit man! 

Pray MORE! You can eat but keep on praying and believing until you see your answer. Don't keep your eyes on you, pray for those around you! He who refresh others will himself be refreshed!

PRAISE EVERY DAY!  Just because you haven't seen what you’re believing for doesn't mean the answer isn't on its way. You have to take the time to praise and thank God for sending you the manifestation. We walk by faith, not by sight. Tell the symptoms to go to hell and do a dance. Tell fear to go to hell and praise God. Tell the doubt to go to hell and give glory to God. Your praise is the arsenal given to you to overcome every struggle in your life. When you magnify God every problem becomes teeny tiny! 


"With all my heart I will praise you, O Lord my God.
I will give glory to your name forever"

-Psalm 86:12

Prayer & Confession:

“Father, thank you for all you've done on this fast. Thank you for the manifestation of the things I’m believing for. I receive them with joy and thanksgiving. In the next three months let the impossible happen. Distinguish me from all the other believers. Mark my life with your power and blessing!  Make me a carrier of your anointing and grace. Make my life such a success, that unbelievers would take notice of Who lives on the inside of me! I give you praise! I give you glory! I give honor to the one and true God! Thank you for my life! Thank you that the best lies ahead of me! You are awesome! You are great and greatly to be praised! The rocks won't cry out, I WILL! YOU ARE THE FIRST AND THE LAST! The King of Kings and the Great I AM. You are my Provider and Protector! You saved my life from the pit of hell! What could I do but give my life to the One who spared it! I rejoice because of Who You are! I love you, Lord, with all of my being. Use me as I am willing to do what you say and go where you want me to go. In the wonderful name of Jesus!”

Do Something:

1. If you've done a liquid fast don't break it on a buffalo cheeseburger!Have some juice and clear broth with some noodles. If you’ve stopped going number 2 (#realtalk) read articles on how to properly break an extended fast. Be led by the Spirit as to how to come off! Be wise! After you eat, your body will get ravenously hungry, refrain from eating more! Eat a small amount and wait until morning to eat again! 
2. Praise like a mad man! Take the time to end this fast by giving a RADICAL praise to God. The key to your success lies in how often you show gratitude and praise to God!