Day 4 - I Will Be Obedient To God's Instruction


God has no preacher factory. He doesn’t have a factory where good Christians are created. When someone misses it, God doesn't take some created person from a factory to replace the one who got it wrong. What God has to work with is on the earth at this very moment. 

So I asked God what the requirement was for those who walk in abundance and He said, “Obedience.” For a while, I thought anyone could be used of God if they make themselves AVAILABLE. But lots of people say they’re available. Few people pull the trigger with what God is telling them to do. The biggest hindrance to going to where you need to get to is YOU.

There will be no scapegoat when you're face to face with God Almighty. There won’t be a good enough excuse for not accomplishing that specific thing God intended for you to do. The only person that will be held accountable for what happens in your life is YOU. Make today the day you not only make yourself available to God, but you walk in total OBEDIENCE. To obey is to submit to an authority and when you submit to God’s authority, you yield to His Power. You yield to His Authority. What greater Power and Authority is there in this world? NONE. Most people will miss it at Gods instruction because of fear or doubt. But in obedience to God’s instruction is a guarantee to walk in His POWER and AUTHORITY. 

Think about that! When you do what He says, your results will always end supernaturally! 



And you shall do what is right and good in the sight of the Lord, that it may go well with you, and that you may go in and take possession of the good land that the Lord swore to give to your fathers
— Deut. 6:18
But this command I gave them: ‘Obey my voice, and I will be your God, and you shall be my people. And walk in all the way that I command you, that it may be well with you.’
— Jeremiah 7:23
Joyful are people of integrity,
who follow the instructions of the Lord.

Joyful are those who obey his laws
and search for him with all their hearts.

They do not compromise with evil,
and they walk only in his paths.

You have charged us
to keep your commandments carefully.

Oh, that my actions would consistently
reflect your decrees!

Then I will not be ashamed
when I compare my life with your commands.

As I learn your righteous regulations,
I will thank you by living as I should!

I will obey your decrees.
Please don’t give up on me!

— Psalm 119:1-8




Prayer & Confession:

“Father I thank you, that I won’t miss it in 2017! Everything you tell me to do, I’ll do it. Every relationship you want to be ended, I’ll end it. Every dollar you want me to give, I’ll give! I will be obedient to your voice. I refuse to give you excuses; I’ll simply obey! I refuse to be in disobedience to your Word. I refuse to decrease. I refuse to have this year go by with no increase. I choose today to obey your Word! In Jesus Name!”

Do Something:

What was the last thing God told you to do that you haven't done? DO IT NOW. If you’re need of instruction, ask God to show you what the next step is. Remember, if you look to God with ALL of your heart, you will find Him (Jer. 29:13). He will speak to YOU. If you have no answer, it’s because you aren't wholeheartedly seeking after it. What are the hindrances? Get rid of them.