Day 7 - I Receive The Answers To My Question!


Congratulations on a week of prayer and fasting! Continue on with this fast. Don’t give up. If you broke fast prematurely get back on it! There is a tangible POWER that comes when you kill your flesh. Let your spirit be made strong! 

Did you know every question in your life can have an answer? That saying “We don't know why God does things but we’ll find out when we get to heaven” is a hoax. It’s the lazy man's way of putting everything on God. In your time of prayer and fasting, God will reveal to you great and mighty things! Things you’ve never known will be revealed to you. You don't have to live life with no vision or direction. There doesn't need to be question marks in your life. You can live with ASSURANCE! 2017 will bring you the answers to your life’s questions in Jesus Name! 


“Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.”

— Jeremiah 33:3

Prayer and Confession:

“Father I thank you for your goodness. You’re a good Father! A Father who doesn't want me to live a life full of questions and uncertainty. I thank You that as I call on You, You will answer me! As I look to You, You show me the path to take. I refuse to live with questions in my life! I will wake up with an assurance of who I am and who You’ve called me to be! No more fog, my path will be clear! In Jesus Name!”

Do Something:

Write down the questions you want to be answered and CALL ON GOD. Go into the throne room with certainty that God will bring your answers. Remember, God won't withhold any good thing from those who love Him! Once you get your answer PRAISE Him like a madman!