Defy The Natural

For with God nothing shall be impossible.

— Luke 1:37

Do you really think God has limitations? 

The Creator and Maker of the World. 

The Beginning and The End. 

The First and The Last. 

The Great I AM.

The Great Physician.

The All Powerful One.

The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, 

The God of Oyedepo, Adeboye and Copeland.

If that’s your God, HE HAS NO LIMITS!

NOTHING is impossible with God! The very birth of Jesus was out of natural order. The parting of the Red Sea was supernatural. The very resurrection of Jesus defied mans natural order! 

God is not confined to the natural. How can He be? A supernatural God is…well…supernatural. So why then must we convince ourselves that our case is impossible? Why must we continue to doubt that God will come through? Don’t believe the lie! 

There’s nothing you’ve done that God won’t forgive. There’s no stage 4 cancer that God can’t consume. There’s no marriage too far gone to rescue. Believe the God that’s alive and well. He’ll rise to the occasion..your occasion. When you see defeat, limitation and failure, God sees, victory, possibility and glory! 

Don’t put God in a box! Remind yourself of Luke 1:37, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD! If you serve Him, allow Him to take His proper place in faith.