Are You Willing?

If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good things of the land;
— Isaiah 1:19

The blessing of God comes to those who are obedient AND WILLING. There are lots of times in my life where I may have been obedient but my heart wasn’t willing. I knew it was right for me to walk away and not get angry, but my heart wasn’t ready to forgive! In everything we do, we must be willing. 

We must be willing to believe God, trust in God and do what’s right at the sake of our own pride or plans. The thing is, there’s no greater plan at work than the plans of God for our lives. There’s no other person who’s rooting us on for success like God. There’s no one in the world who loves us as much as God. When we understand this, it’s easy to be willing! It’s easy to TRUST! 

Our willingness comes from our awareness. If I told you to read your bible everyday, some of you would obey. If I told you, however, to read your bible everyday because I’d give you a new car, you’d read your bibles WILLINGLY! There’s benefits in serving God. There’s rewards for serving Him faithfully and it’s not just heaven! Get in your Word and see the benefits and begin to willingly obey.