God’s Word Over Everything

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Matt. 6:33
— Matt. 6:33

Who and what you’re loyal to determines the course of your life! It’s so important as a Believer  to stand up for righteousness. This righteousness is found in the Word of God. Too many Believers have created their reality on some philosophy, emotion or belief outside of the Word of God— to their demise. 

The reason the Bible was created was for the benefit of God’s people. In it lies every answer to your problems. The way to prosperous living is found in this life’s manual, the Bible. When we adhere to its instructions we get a life that’s more abundant; a life that is specifically designed for the child of God. 

If we allow our circumstances and surroundings to dictate how we feel and believe, life becomes a battle that cannot be won. If we allow our ethnicity, gender or upbringing to define our future, we’ll have a limited one AND for some there will be a major disadvantage. If we, however, draw to God’s commands and live by them, theres nothing thrown at us that can block the blessing of God. Life isn't fair, life is what you make of it. 

From this point forward, when you put God and His Word first, your disadvantage becomes your source of unstoppable blessing. What the devil threw in your path to harm you is turned for good. What the devil stole from you comes back to you doubly! The decision therein lies with you! What are you going to honor in your life? What will you hold as your standard in life? What is going to determine whats right and wrong? Stick with the WORD OF GOD!