Restore The Sparkle in Your Eye

Turn and answer me, O LORD my God! Restore the sparkle to my eyes, or I will die.

Psalm 13:3

Some of you have lost that sparkle in your eye! Maybe you suffered the loss of a loved one, someone left you, you were diagnosed with a terminal disease or you lost your job—whatever it is, God can renew the lease on your life! When my body was attacked a few years ago fear infiltrated my life. With that came this overwhelming sense of jadedness. I was tired, fatigued and straight up bothered! Everything around me STUNK. When I began the next year I got on my knees and asked God to “renew the lease on my life”.

I felt I needed a new sense of purpose, a fire ignited within me, the sparkle in my eyes to be restored. And that’s exactly what HE did. Don’t allow yourself to dim! The devil wants you to be so miserable that you lose all hope. When you lose all hope, you lose the will to live. THAT IS NOT YOUR PORTION! I don't care how bad it looks right now, God can restore that light in your eyes. Look at how miserable David was! He was begging God for answers and was so hopeless that he preferred death. But a few chapters later he declares, “For thou wilt light my candle: the LORD my God will enlighten my darkness.” (Psalm 18:28)

God restored that sparkle in his eyes. God exalted him above all his enemies. God made him a sign and wonder to the world. David went from dejection to joy. That should revive your hope in God! This attack you suffered wasn't because of God. The devil is the one coming to steal, kill and destroy! God wants to give you LIFE in abundance. Never forget that. From this moment forward allow yourself to focus in on the wonderful things God will do in your life. He WILL light your candle, He WILL get rid of darkness. 

When I asked God to do that, He gave me specific instructions as to what I should do. He reminded me of things in the past that I never followed through with. Get ready! When you ask God to restore that sparkle, He will speak to you. So do it now! Get in your secret place and ask God to restore that sparkle in your eye! 2019 will be the best year you’ve ever encountered. Congratulations!