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Champion Christian Center

March 4-9

Sunday at 9am Canonsburg
10 am Washington
11am Canonsburg
6pm Washington, PA
Monday-Friday: 7pm Nightly in Washington, PA

Flight:                                                                                                  Rental Car:

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The Power of Love Church

March 11-16

Flight:                                                    Car:                                             Hotel:

Door code: 7724

South Africa

March 18-23



For any assistance please contact Israel Tsoaeli on +27 73 510 8176. Israel will assist you with all airport transfers and transfers to and from the meetings.


Breakfast is included in your accommodation and Dr Andre may invite you to lunch on some of the days during your visit. A meal will be served during the week of Get Ready each night after meeting.

Speaking Times:

Flight to South Africa:


Premier Hotel ELICC (East London International Convention Centre) Contact: +2743 7095200
— Reservation #: 099/ 261228

Flights within South Africa:

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March 25-30

Flight:                                                                                                        Hotel: