The Bridge Saskatoon

W/Pastor Tyler Coupland

May 20-25

Flight:                                                                              Car:                                                                           Hotel:


Address: Lac des Isles Road, Goodsoil, SK S0M 1A0, Canada



First of all, thanks for booking our Getaway Cabin. If you have any questions or concerns during your stay, please call or text Tina at 780-870-6660.

Wi-Fi: No Wifi

Keys: The key is located under the mat at the side main entrance door

Check in: Check in time is 3pm.

Garbage/Recycling: The garbage and recycling Is to be removed and taken with you as we have no pickup at the lake. Most garbage however can be burned in the firepit during your stay. FireBan Permitting ( I believe there is a fire ban in effect presently)

TV: There is Bell Sattelite at our property.

Noise: Please be respectful of the neighbours and keep your noise level down.

Heat: Please turn off if used during your stay

Emergency #s: 911 - Police, Fire, Ambulance

FireWood: BYO - the firewood on the property is or personal wood.

Things to Bring: paper towel /toilet paper/extra garbage bags

Check out: The checkout time is 11am.
•Towels and sheets in the laundry basket provided

•Please do all the dishes and put them away.
•Tidy up after yourselves – bring the place back to the same condition you found it in.

*the water at the lake is not drinkable however we have provided 1 – 5 gallon jug in each cabin. Depending how much you will consume you may want to bring some bottled water

*We are on a septic tank so please be mindful of excess water usage. If its yellow let it mellow if its brown flush it down 
* Please turn all power off ... lights...TV etc

Furthermore…there is a dock at the end of our crescent that is a private area for owners please don’t go down to this area. There is a public beach within walking distance of our property

If you can’t reach Tina for any reason, you can contact Brad at 780-214-4701
Most importantly and enjoy yourselves!!

Kings Chapel Alaska

May 27-June 1

Flight:                                                    Car:                                             Hotel:

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