Crossroads Community Church

Fitchburg, MA

Sept 2 - 7th

Flight:                                                                        Car:                                                            Hotel:

Address: 65 Spring St.

Lunenburg, MA 01462

Door Code-  6935.  The house will be available on Saturday early morning if you would like to arrive early. Checkout is 11am the following Saturday.

Hotel for Friday Night:

Flight home to Pittsburgh:


CGIA Conference

Louisville, KY

Sept 9- 10th

Flight:                                                                            Car:                                                         Hotel:

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 4.17.01 PM.png

Address: 1931 Payne St Louisville, KY 40206

Keyless entry is 0118

The home will be ready when you arrive. You will want to park in the driveway which you access from the back alley. When driving down Payne you will see a sign for D.D. Williamson co on your left. You turn into the alley there that will lead you to the back of the house. The keyless entry is 0118. To unlock enter the code and twist the knob. To lock the door press the horizontal key over the numbers and twist the knob to lock.


Womens Conference.jpeg

Women's Conference - Crossroads Community Church

Fitchburg, MA

Sept 15th

Flight:                                                                             Car:                                                           Hotel:


CenterBranch Church

Mt. Clare, WV

Sept 16 - 21st

Flight:                                                                            Car:                                                      Hotel:



Sisters United - First Assembly of God

Auburn, NH

Sept 21- 22nd

Flight:                                                                          Car:                                                       Hotel:


Charleston Church

Charleston, ME

Sept 23- 28th

Flight:                                                                                Car:                                                         Hotel:


Adalis and Camis Flight Home:

Harvest Family Church

Cypress, TX

30th - 4th

Flight:                                                                          Car:                                                    Hotel:

Address: 9719 Bracket Ct.

Houston, TX 77065

Check info: Press the Schlage button at the top of the keypad, when you see the green light, enter 3636 and use the top of the door handle to push door open.